Scale BNB

Our potential customers generally contact us because they either want to rent out their property during the holiday season without having to manage their short-term lets or they contact us because they want their home managed full-time on short term rental platforms (such as AirBnB).

Communicating with guests, cleaning between each reservation, meeting and greeting guests who often arrive late… accommodating bookings during the holiday season is certainly more profitable (two to three times the amount for a standard booking) but is also more time-consuming! The added value of an Airbnb management service is that it organizes the entire rental management process.

When you AirBnB an asset, by definition you are not available on-site, and therefore, the idea of delegating makes perfect sense. Before the general public were really aware of the management services we offered, many owners managed everything themselves or had (more or less successfully) perfected their own management of their property with the help of their caretaker, cleaner, neighbors or even friends. Even today, most customers who use our service do so because they want to generate bookings during the holiday season, but they don’t feel like managing or organizing the management of their asset.

The other aspect of our work, which is frequently overlooked, because it is all too often neglected by management services themselves, is to create rental value. We are always looking at how we can generate bookings at a higher rate for our customers and offer them a better service, rather than simply focusing on how we are going to manage the logistics relating to holiday bookings. Of course, the key element of our job is logistics, but it shouldn’t stop there! It is also about creating added value

An essential part of our job is/should be to maximize the rental incomes for our customers, through know-how or technical skills that they are not able to implement themselves, in order to achieve more frequent bookings at higher prices.